Sarl Compagnie CORSAIRE, with the trade name "Compagnie Corsaire Vedettes de St Malo" referred to below as "the Company" with a capital of EUR 720.000 - Siret 447864 09100023 - based in Gare maritime de la Bourse 35400 St Malo, France.
The responsibility of the shipping Company is governed by the laws of 18 June 1966, 3 January 1967 and of 23 December 1986, and by the decrees relating thereto. The purchase of a ticket is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which passengers are assumed to have acknowledged; ignorance thereof shall not exempt their application. 
The liability of the Company cannot be extended beyond these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all ships, lines and maritime transportation services operated by the Company regardless of the port of departure or arrival.
In any case, passengers shall comply with the rules established by the Company onboard the ships, as well as with the instructions of its captains and officers. 



The fare must be paid in full, before each departure, according to the current rate. 
Payment of the fare is final and shall only be refunded in the circumstances stated below. 
The rates include taxes, port fees, VAT, and TPM (tax applied since 01/06/1997 under the Barnier law to maritime passengers destined for protected natural areas).
The Company reserves the right to change the rates at any time based on economic conditions (fuel prices, etc.) or tax variations (VAT, TPM, port fees and taxes, etc.).
Passengers must keep their ticket and present it for inspection at any time, failing which they will face immediate payment of an amount corresponding to 1.5 times the ticket price. In the event that a ticket is lost, stolen, etc., no duplicates will be issued; the passenger must purchase a new ticket for the service.



It is recommended to book as early as possible at the Company's agencies or approved points of sale. 
Bookings are free but only confirmed after payment of the total amount. Tickets shall only be issued against payment. The Company accepts bookings by internet (with secure payment), telephone with distance selling, as well as at the dock with payment by cheque, holiday cheques, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, cash and vouchers from travel agencies and tour providers with which the Company has established prior agreements. Seats are not numbered or assigned.
Places of passengers who are still absent 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time shall be allocated to waiting passengers. 
Last-minute ticket sales and boarding are possible depending on the places available and the time remaining before departure.
Any changes to a booking shall be subject to the payment of a change fee per passenger, the cost of which is indicated in the annual fee schedule. At least 10 paying passengers are needed to ensure departure.



Tickets are valid for the date and time of the booked service under the current year's operating season. Tickets are personal, non-transferable and subject to our cancellation policy.



The Company shall not be held liable for the delays of the ship or for missed boarding by passengers due to traffic (parking, traffic jams, delays of trains, buses, etc.). The boarding cut-off is 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure of the ship. All passengers, including those with a ticket, who arrive outside of this time, shall have no recourse against the Company if they cannot board and shall not be reimbursed. In the event of a no-show at the time of boarding, no refund, transfer or credit note shall be granted.



The Company shall not incur liability in the event of changed schedules or cancelled departure caused by force majeure, unforeseen circumstances, etc. The Company shall do its best to put passengers on the planned route with due diligence. 
Departure schedules may be brought forward or delayed due to the tides or to fishing or trade port traffic.
The captain may change or cancel the journey or planned stops on the ticket as needed, for which he is the sole judge, for safety reasons or to provide assistance to save human lives or property. The times of departure or arrival, the route and planned stopovers may therefore be changed without notice and without passengers being able to claim any compensation for damages whatsoever as a result thereof. 
The duration of the crossing is provided as a guide and may vary significantly according to the ship and sea conditions.



If the departure of a ship is unusually delayed or prevented, or if the journey cannot be provided or continued in normal conditions (weather, port issues, diversions, technical failures of ships or port infrastructure, conflicts, strikes, lack of participants, etc.), the Company shall accept no liability for the direct or indirect fees and damage caused by such changes or cancellations. The Company shall endeavour to find an alternative solution wherever possible. The Company may transfer passengers onto another ship or another Company. This type of transfer shall not result in any right to compensation or reimbursement whatsoever. Similarly, the Company shall not be liable for missed connections with any other means of transport. If no transfer is made in the event the service is cancelled, the Company shall refund the ticket.



Children under 18 years travel under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or accompanying adult.
Children under 14 years must be accompanied onboard. However, unaccompanied children aged between 10 and 14 years may be accepted onboard provided that the accompanying adult completes a form (to be collected from the Company) stating the identity of the child, the names and contact information of the parents or legal guardians, and the name and mobile phone number of the adult who will be present at the child's port of arrival. During boarding, the accompanying adult will introduce the child to the captain of the ship. Booking with the form to be filled out at least the day before departure.

Pregnant women:
According to the sea weather conditions, the Company reserves the right to refuse boarding to pregnant women. If in doubt, please seek advice from your doctor before booking.

Passengers with disabilities:
The Company strives to accommodate people with disabilities. However, under certain conditions, access onboard will not be possible (port facilities not available for boarding or disembarking safely, ship dimensions or access doors that make boarding physically impossible for electric wheelchairs, a number of mechanical wheelchairs, etc.). We recommend that people with disabilities report to us before buying the ticket to establish the feasibility of boarding. 



Only personal items and clothing necessary for passengers should be boarded as luggage. Unless specific permission is provided, it is forbidden to transport unaccompanied baggage or goods. Freight is charged and must be reserved 24 hours prior to departure on specific departures, taking into account the influx of passengers. Where goods are boarded as luggage in violation of the provision above, passengers shall have to pay double the initial price, and the Company shall incur no liability for any loss or damage whatever the cause. Pushchairs/strollers can be boarded provided that they can be folded up in the event of overcrowding (unauthorised prams). The Company is not liable for baggage or objects which remain under the passenger's control. It is not responsible for cash, goods, jewellery or other items carried by passengers that are stolen, lost or damaged due, for example, to the natural movements of the ship, sea conditions, etc. For equipment, luggage and goods that are banned onboard, see Section 12 "Safety".



Bikes and bike trailers are allowed onboard only on the crossings St Malo/Dinard and vice versa and St Malo/Dinard/Dinan and vice versa provided that they are accompanied by a passenger and upon payment of the fee indicated in the annual fee schedule. The number of bikes and bike trailers is limited per crossing so as not to disturb other passengers. Onboard access can be refused by the captain of the ship in peak hours.



Dogs are allowed onboard upon payment of a ticket; they must be kept on a leash and muzzled if necessary, and are placed under the responsibility of their owner, with no guarantee against loss, illness or death. Dogs must not occupy a passenger seat or block the aisles or passageways, and must remain under the constant watch of their owner, who is solely responsible for the animal's behaviour.
The Company reserves the right to refuse any animal that may be a bother or risk to passengers aboard..



To ensure everyone's safety, we request that passengers follow the crew's instructions during boarding, disembarking and during the crossing or journey. 
For your safety, the Company invites you to take account of how the ship behaves and moves at sea. It is recommended to limit how much you move around on the ships or to seek assistance from the crew. Parents are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children and must ensure that they do not run onboard and do not climb up on the railings, crates, seats or rescue gear.
It is forbidden to smoke in the lounges, toilets or any closed space on the vessels.
Passengers are strictly prohibited from carrying flammable, explosive or dangerous materials, firearms or edged weapons, and from consuming alcohol or drugs onboard, the Company is free to take all counter measures and legal action.
Company officials may refuse the sale of a ticket and the captain of the ship may refuse boarding and transportation to any person whose behaviour may clash with public order or endanger the safety of other passengers on the ship. Passengers must be respectful towards the Company officials and ship crew.

The Company requests that passengers behave responsibly:
Avoiding risky situations, monitoring and supervising their children on the holds when boarding and while onboard, being mindful of their dog's behaviour towards other passengers, moving carefully around the ship which, by nature, is a different environment to land (steps, coamings, random movements of the ship), protecting their personal belongings, camera, camcorder or other property from any sea spray, being aware of security announcements and respecting the instructions given by the crew, in order to achieve our shared goal: a crossing or coastal cruise in the safest possible conditions to enjoy discovering the Brittany seaside.
Taking care on the boarding and disembarking holds: due to the tides, the holds are coated regularly, yet despite frequent cleaning, the holds can be slippery so proceed with caution without running. 
Suitable clothing: it is always a bit chilly at sea, so you and your children should cover up for the crossing or journey at sea by wearing a jumper, jacket or windbreaker. Also consider wearing sunglasses and sun protection depending on the weather.



We request that passengers follow basic rules of cleanliness and respect for the sea and for the site being visited to preserve the quality of our heritage for the well-being of all. The basic principle of not throwing waste into the sea or on the ground applies to all sites served by the Company (Chausey Islands for example are a listed and protected site). 



The staff at the counter is not entitled to provide a refund. The Company's head office manages refunds.
Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable except in the event of cancellation by the Company (sea weather conditions, lack of participants, etc.) where you will be offered:
 a) to have the amount of the ticket transferred to any another date or service subject to availability; b) to receive a non-refundable credit note for the amount of the ticket, valid for 12 months; c) 100% refund.
In the event of cancellation by customer, the refund request shall be made by mail only to Compagnie Corsaire - Gare maritime de la Bourse - 35400 ST MALO, France, accompanied by the tickets, and in line with the following cancellation policy: Cancellation request made 15 days or more before the departure date = 5% cancellation fee. - Between 14 and 8 days before departure = 25% cancellation fee 
- 7 days up until 4pm on the day before departure = 55% cancellation fee 
- Day before departure after 4pm / on or after the departure date = 100% cancellation fee. Due to the costs of following up on all refund requests, 5% of the overall cost of the reserved service will be deducted. This 5% fee is included in the fees above.



Group rates: These are offered to 20 paying passengers travelling together under one reservation.
The year N edition Group brochure rates are calculated on year n-1, they may change depending on economic circumstances and rises in taxes, port fees, VAT and TPM (see Section 2).
Free tickets: 1 free ticket per 20 paying passengers, i.e. 1 free for 21 adults, 1 accompanying adult free for every 10 paying school children

Booking and deposit: It is recommended to book as early as possible with the Company's Group booking service to ensure your Group's place on the date and time of departure of the chosen service. A 35% deposit is due when sending the signed and accepted quote. The balance must be paid before boarding on the day of departure at the latest; tickets shall only be provided against payment. 

Billing: Upon the agreement of the Company, some business customers may be registered with an account; they will pay a deposit and be charged for payment of the balance. The latest number of passengers indicated by email, fax or post will be used to edit the invoice (48 hours prior to departure at the latest). If the numbers are higher than expected, please ensure we have availability beforehand.
Group cancellation: the following charges shall apply
Cancellation requests made more than 30 days before the departure date = no penalty; deposit refunded
Between 30 days and 10 days = 35% deposit is not refunded (retained by the Company) 
Between 10 days and 48 hours prior to departure = deduction of 50% of the total amount of the service
After that time = no refund



During boarding, disembarking, crossings and coastal cruises, the Company's liability is limited, in any case, to the period during which the passengers are under its direct control onboard its ships or premises, excluding all facilities and structures in the public domain.
The Company's liability can only be incurred in the context of the texts applicable to maritime transport. Any compensation awarded shall be limited by said texts.



Any claim against the Company shall be made by registered letter (with acknowledgement of receipt) within a period of two months from the date on which the service was provided or should have been provided. 



All restrictions, exemptions and provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall apply, as appropriate, to the liability of the Company's agents, employees and other representatives, as well as the ships and facilities on land or water. 
For any proceedings brought before the French court relating to the Company's activities, the Law of 18 June 1966 on Maritime Transportation and its subsequent decrees shall apply. The illegality or invalidity of one clause of a paragraph or any stipulation of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect or invalidate any other. 
French law is the only applicable law.