to respect the final wishes of your deceased loved one?

We accompany you with respect, discretion and dignity.

Our crew will welcome you and provide you with one of our passenger launches, the Captain will transport you in complete safety to the place of your choice, in full conformity with maritime regulations. You will be able to proceed in complete privacy, either scattering the ashes or placing them in the water in a biodegradable funerary urn. The crew will provide you with use of the sound system (HF portable microphone) so you can say some accompanying words, if you wish. The Captain will provide you with the GPS coordinates of the precise site of the scattering.

Duration: 1.5 hrs or 2 hrs allowing for the journey there, the scattering ceremony, time for remembrance, and the return trip to the bay of St-Malo. Quotes on request on 02 23 18 15 12 or

Photos of our passenger launches may be viewed on the "Our Boats" page.

REGULATIONS    Law of 02/01/1986 and article L2213-23 of the CGCT - Decree 2007 - 328 and law 2008 - 1350 - 16

Scattering of Funerary Ashes in the Sea: The scattering of funerary ashes in the sea is authorised if it is carried out more than 300 metres from the Coast. However, it is prohibited in rivers, waterways or on a beach.

Committal of a Biodegradable Funerary Urn: The biodegradable funerary urn is placed on the surface of the water and gently sinks into the ocean depths. The dispersion of an urn must take place at least 3 miles from the coast (5.556 km) and outside of a channel, culture park, etc. The urn must be biodegradable, made from salt dough, cardboard, sand...

Administrative Formalities to be Carried Out By the Family Following the Cremation: There is no fixed deadline for these declarations  -   Declaration to the town hall of the commune of the birthplace of the deceased person, specifying the date and place of the dispersion  -   Declaration to the town hall of the commune of the boat's port of registry (the St-Malo town hall)

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