Nature and History!

Head West!  
70-metre high cliffs dropping sharply down to the sea, a wall of which you will be at the base, in an ornithological reserve where guillemots, penguins, oystercatchers and common shags nest.                                     The Cap-Fréhel is the final destination of this superb commentated cruise of the western side of the Emerald Coast.

From the moment of departure, you will succumb to its charm, as you pass before Dinard, Saint-Enogat, Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac and Lancieux, and glimpse the sumptuous villas. You will follow the Coast to the famous Château de Fort La Latte, dating from the 14th century.
In addition to its historic aspect, the Château de Fort La Latte has served as the setting for many films, the most famous being "The Vikings" with the American actor Kirk DOUGLAS.

The manner in which the Cap Fréhel extends out into the Channel - between the Saint-Brieuc bay and the Saint-Malo harbour - makes it the ideal place to build a lighthouse. The first one was built here under Louis XIV - known as the old lighthouse, it is still visible from sea. A taller and more modern lighthouse was built in 1836 on the site of the current one, and re-built in 1946. 32 metres tall, its light towers 103 metres above the sea. In clear weather, its light is visible from over 100 kilometres away.

Sometimes dolphins may be seen, even coming to accompany the boat.


The commentary is not recorded but provided live in french by our sailors


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Ports de départ

  • Saint-Malo
  • Dinard
  • Saint-Cast-le-Guildo


2.5 hrs from Saint-Malo and Dinard

1.25 hrs from Saint-Cast-le-Guildo