Qui sommes-nous ?

COMPAGNIE CORSAIRE is a Shipping Company of passenger launches, the successor to a hundred-year-old shuttle service between Dinard and Saint-Malo, known since 1904 by the names: «Bateaux de la Côte d'Emeraude», «Vedettes Blanches», «Vedettes Vertes».

COMPAGNIE CORSAIRE is historically native to Brittany, Saint-Malo and Dinard !

COMPAGNIE CORSAIRE offers the following services on the Côte Bretagne Nord :

  • Crossings on regular lines: St-Malo / Dinard, Cézembre Island, Chausey Islands.
  • Commentated coastal cruises: : Bay of St-Malo, Cap Fréhel - Château de Fort La latte, Dinan and the valley of the Rance, Cancale and the Côte Est.
  • Leisure activities : Sea fishing



  • 2003 Creation of the new name « COMPAGNIE CORSAIRE » through the purchase by Emeraude Lines of its affiliate « Vedettes de la Côte d'Emeraude », formerly known by the names « Vedettes Blanches » and « Vedettes Vertes », of which the parent company « BCE Bateaux de la Côte d'Emeraude » dates back to à 1904.
  • 2004 to 2006 Development of the lines and coastal excursions along the Emerald Coast
  • 2007 The high-speed craft (HSC) « Jacques CARTIER » is brought into operation along the Saint-Malo / Jersey line, with a duty-free service on board
  • 2009 Acquisition of the boats of the Company
  • 2010 Despite a major increase in the number of passengers, the Saint-Malo / Jersey line is stopped in September due to the heavy operating costs and an unfavourable economic context.
  • 2011/2012 Repositioning on coastal maritime activity with an increased frequency on certain lines: Chausey Islands, Cap-Fréhel, St Malo / Dinard etc.
  • 2013 Evolution and adaptation of the nautical equipment through the transfer and acquisition of launches. The « Corsaire de Dinard I » is sold and the 245-passenger catamaran «Corsaire de Saint-Malo» is brought into operation, and a catering service is created for groups. The « Corsaire des Iles I » is sold and the faster 157-passenger monohull « Corsaire des Iles II » is brought into operation.
  • 2014/2015 Sale of the « Corsaire d'Emeraude », development of the St Malo / Chausey line.
  • 2016 The « P'tit Corsaire » is sold, and the new 214-passenger launch, the « Corsaire de Dinard »is brought into operation on the St-Malo / Dinard line. Development of the East Coast line with stopovers in Cancale.